Birthmark Meaning: What Does Your Birthmark Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of a birthmark is? The ‘birthmark meaning’ varies according to its color, shape, location, and type. Birthmarks come in different sizes, shapes, or colors and are usually located on random parts of the body. 

The placement of your birthmark can hold different spiritual meanings, each spot on the body signifying something creative or spiritual. In many cultures, birthmarks are spiritual signs that signify or predict a person’s life path.

Everything holds meaning in life, from finding pennies to discovering 2-dollar bills. Although there is no scientific proof behind these meanings, it is still fun to discover and theorize about them.

In this article, we will be talking about what are birthmarks and their types along with their locations on the body and colors. Let’s get started!

What Are Birthmarks?

What Are Birthmarks

Birthmarks tell us they are any marks that develop on the skin of an infant before birth or soon after. You can view birthmarks as flat or raised, they may have regular or irregular boundaries as well and they can appear in various shades of a person’s body from white and brown to red and blue.

Birthmarks are usually not harmful and they fade away as time passes. They are also connected with other health issues.

Types Of Birthmarks?

There are two main types of birthmarks, which have different reasons:-

1. Vascular Birthmarks

The commonly expected vascular birthmarks are macular stains, hemangiomas, and port-wine stains:

Macular stains

Macular stains are light red marks of the vascular birthmark. They are also known as salmon patches, Angel kisses, or stork bites. 

Macular strains are notable when the baby starts crying. These birthmarks often disappear on their own by the time the child is grown up, but some even last into adulthood. You can see them mostly located on the upper lip, forehead, eyelids, nose, and back of the head or neck.


Hemangiomas are superficial when they are on the surface of the skin (strawberry marks), deep when found below the skin’s surface, and blend when they affect both layers.

Sometimes, Hemangiomas might seem to be bluish as they involve blood vessels in deeper skin layers. You can find them located anywhere on your body mainly they are present on the head or neck.

They are slightly raised and bright red. Hemangiomas don’t appear until some days or weeks after a child is born

Port- wine stains

Port wine stains are of any size and usually get bigger as the child grows. They will never fade away, medical treatment is required. These stains and discolorations often appear like wine was dropped on an area of the body, you can see them on the face, neck, arms, or legs. 

2. Pigmented Birthmarks

The most familiar pigmented birthmarks are cafe-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots, and moles:

Cafe -Au-Lait-Spots

Cafe-au-lait spots can be found anywhere in the body and they usually increase in number as the child gets older. These are very common spots seen in the colour of coffee with milk which defines the name. 

Mongolian spots

You can see Mongolian spots usually on darker skin like American or Southern European descent. They don’t require any medical treatments, by school age they will fade away completely. These patches are found on the lower back or buttock appearing flat or bluish-grey


Many people get moles at some point in life. A mole at birth is known as a congenital nevus and will last forever. Mole is a general word for Brown spots named Nevi.

These moles are sometimes dangerous to our lives. The risk of danger is still not too much but large congenital Nevus usually grows into skin cancer if a person doesn’t go for medical treatments. They are tan, brown, and black in color or flat and raised or may have hair growing out of them. 

Different Spiritual Meanings Of Birthmarks

Birthmarks have gained quite prominence, both good and bad. They have been named Angel Kisses as well as Marks Of The Devil. There have long been varying perspectives about the spiritual significance of skin blemishes.

Throughout history, birthmarks were stressed by superstitious, paranoid, and sacred ideologues. But in the present day, many people believe birthmarks are fortunate omens with special meanings signifying reincarnation, life objective, or fate.

However, there is no scientific proof that birthmarks are anything other than skin abnormalities.  

Birthmark means carry symbolic importance or connections to a person’s life in spirituality and astrology. They can mean various things for a person’s spiritual journey, past lives, or karma. 

Astrology says that birthmarks are reminders of past life happenings. These marks may show lessons that our souls need to learn in the present life. 

Birthmarks also represent spiritual lessons. They signify our life’s objective and the challenges we might experience and overcome in our life journey.

Birthmarks are also a sign of spiritual blessings depending on diverse cultural beliefs. Some traditions view birthmarks as a symbol of spiritual security. 

Let us talk about a few myths connected to birthmarks:

  • In Chinese culture, the location of a birthmark holds a meaning behind it. A mark on your right foot symbolizes that you are adventurous whereas a mark on your left foot symbolizes you are quite brilliant. Having a mark on your abdomen means you are greedy and self-centered.
  • The Iranian myth says that if an expectant woman touches her belly during a solar eclipse, her baby will be born with a birthmark.
  • If a pregnant woman gazes at a mouse, it is believed that her child will get a hairy birthmark and if she gazes at the fire, her child may get a burn on the skin.
  • The shape of the birthmark can be more informative. While a sword or dagger could signify stabbing. On the other hand, a flame or torch shape could indicate death by fire and a circular mark can represent a bullet hole.

A lot more interpretations are covering almost all the body parts, eventually, no one knows if these analyses hold meaning as these are scientifically unproven. 

Shapes Of Birthmarks And Their Significance

Birthmark shapes and meanings are associated with superstitions and myths found in various cultures and traditions around the world. Here are some shapes of birthmarks along with their significance.

1. Star birthmark

People with a star birthmark shine like these cosmic objects. This birthmark indicates strength in various factors of our life. It also signifies success in love and a happy romantic life.

2. Diamond birthmark

A birthmark with a diamond shape is a promising birthmark to have. It means that the spiritual world is offering you safety. The diamond birthmark also represents a cooperative nature. It also signifies great wisdom and knowledge.

3. Heart birthmark

The heart is connected to our feelings, and hence having a heart birthmark gives us the capacity to understand the emotions of others. The birthmark also signifies empathy and love. People with this birthmark do not need to stress about love in their lives.

4. Cross birthmark 

A cross birthmark represents the divine. A cross birthmark has massive religious significance, especially in Christianity. It also signifies faith and protection from evil energies. Having a cross birthmark means that you will have divine safety with you.

5 Birthmark Locations and Their Spiritual Meanings

Birthmarks on different parts of our body can mean different things connected to our personality and future. Understanding the meanings of these birthmarks at different locations can help us get a better interpretation of our characteristics and areas we need to work on. Here are some birthmark locations along with their spiritual meanings:

Birthmarks Spiritual Significance in 5 Locations

1. Birthmark on forehead

Birthmarks meaning on the forehead are signs of good luck. It has a connection with our intelligence. A birthmark on a person’s forehead represents clear thoughts. Many people spiritually believe that a mark on the forehead signifies prosperity, intellect, or attraction.

2. Birthmark on neck

A birthmark on your neck means that you are gifted with persistence. People with this birthmark are reliable and patient to achieve their goals. Birthmarks on the neck spiritually symbolize power, intelligence, and energy.

3. Birthmark on hands

Birthmarks on hands signify the desire to take or give. It is said that if you have a mark on the left hand, you give more than you receive while a mark on your right hand shows you take more.

4. Birthmark on back

Having a birthmark on your back can mean incredible things for your personality. It means that you are good at roles that require leadership. You’re probably sincere and open-minded if you have a birthmark on your back. People with a birthmark on their backs direct a life with generous support.

5. Birthmark on leg

A birthmark on your leg gives you an adventurous nature. It also makes you extremely fortunate. People with a birthmark on their legs have an excited interest in traveling. They also overcome their anxieties easily, which makes them experience various things.

Colors of Birthmarks and Their Implications

Birthmarks can have various colors that have unique meanings. They come in multiple shades including red, white, brown, and even blue.

Birthmark Colors and Meanings

1. Red birthmark

Red birthmarks often denote solitary personalities. If you have a red birthmark, you may stumble with social anxiety or fear of being in large groups. 

Red birthmarks also known as ‘hemangiomas’ are developed by an overgrowth of blood vessels in the skin. Usually, most red birthmarks vanish on their own within a few years, but some may need treatment if they are resulting in problems such as difficulty breathing or vision impairment.

2. White birthmark

White birthmarks are connected with calm personalities and luck. More often than not, if you have a white birthmark, you’re likely super simple and superstitiously blessed. You have this natural relief and relaxation that others may be jealous of. 

Also known as ‘vitiligo’ white birthmarks occur when cells lose their tint. These marks are usually harmless and need no form of treatment.

3. Brown birthmark

A brown birthmark signifies a strong personality. If you have a brown birthmark you have a decisive standpoint on life and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. You’re probably a natural leader who takes charge everywhere you go.

Also known as ‘cafe-au-lait’ brown birthmarks are typically harmless. These birthmarks can be light or dark in color and formulate in the first months of life. Treatment is usually essential if a child has six or more spots.

4. Blue birthmark

Blue birthmarks indicate a need to go out of your comfort zone. This birthmark generally comes and fades away quickly and many people believe that a blue birthmark is a sign for you to do something new. If you have a blue birthmark, try modifying your routine or accomplishing something adventurous, don’t be afraid to stretch out your wings!

Also known as ‘blue nevus’ Blue birthmarks are developed by an overgrowth in pigment-producing cells and are genetic. This mark is harmless if present at birth, but can become a problem later in life. 


1. Can birthmarks have a spiritual meaning?

Birthmarks are believed to have symbolic or spiritual meanings, representing past lives or spiritual connections.

2. Are birthmarks Angel kisses?

The salmon patch birthmarks are also known as Angel kisses. These are pinkish or red and are the most common type of birthmark.

3. Is birthmark lucky?

Yes! Some birthmarks are symbols of extreme luck and good fortune. Certain locations of birthmarks are considered extremely lucky.

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