Unlocking The Mysteries: Spiritual Meaning of The Number Of Crows

Have you ever found out what the number of crows meaning spiritually holds? These intelligent and mysterious birds seem to possess a wisdom that outshines the ordinary. Across cultures and throughout history, crows have held a unique place in spirituality, signifying more than just black-feathered creatures flying through the sky.

The Crow is a complicated symbol that carries many different meanings for different people. In this article, let us explore the number of crow’s spiritual meanings along with its symbols. Let’s get started!

Spiritual Meaning Of The Number Of Crows

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Crows Gathering In Large Numbers

The number of crows holds various spiritual reasons. It has both positive and negative effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most familiar spiritual meanings:-

1. Spiritual Transformation 

Several crows gathering symbolizes that a spiritual transformation is taking place. Crows are gathering to tell you that you need to change your behavior towards others. It acts as a reminder to stop for a moment and think about your actions.

2. Wisdom

Crows are known as smart creatures who have a lot of knowledge about the world around them. When you see several crows together, it means that some sort of wisdom is being shared among them. It could be about how to make finer choices or how to improve your life in general.

3. Message from the other side

The Crow is a messenger of death, it acts as a warning that you are going to lose someone very close to you. The number of crows gathering in your yard or near your home have been asked to deliver a message from the higher realms.

4. Intellect

Crows are highly intelligent birds and they are also very special creatures. The number of crows gathering together might be trying to communicate with you that something important is about to happen in your life and you have to be mentally prepared to face such circumstances in your life.

5. Mystery and intuition

Seeing several crows spiritually can help us tap into our intuition and inner wisdom. They can remind us to trust our instincts and to be open to the mysteries. By attending to the messages they bring, we can achieve insight and understanding into our innermost thoughts and emotions.

6. Thrilling upcoming events

Crows are believed to be very wise birds, who can predict the future. The number of crows gathering spiritually means that you should start getting ready for some exciting events in your life. It may be good or bad news, but it will be something that will change the way you live. 

7. Fortune

The Crow is considered a symbol of prosperity and fortune. If you see several crows gathering near your place, it indicates that there will be an increase in your financial status. It signifies an abundance of luck that’s about to reach your way. 

8. Spiritual Guide

The number of crows gathering is a sign of guidance and protection. Crows are known as messengers of God, so if you see them gathering in your yard it could mean that something or someone is trying to communicate with you and reminds you to trust the process and embrace the transformations taking place. It acts as a gentle reminder that you are not alone and spiritual assistance is available for you.

Number Of Crows Gathering Symbolism

Number of Crows gathering symbolism

Crows represent intelligence, adaptability, regeneration, and alchemical transformation. The number of crows gathering symbolizes that spiritual shifts are happening around you and reminds you to pay attention to the spiritual messages that are sent to guide you. 

They represent transformation and insights into neglected realms. Crows are considered problem solvers that can help you tune into a solution when you come across challenges.

Seeing one or many crows holds various symbolic meanings:

  • A single crow symbolizes new opportunities and good fortune but may also mean that it’s a deceased loved one trying to comfort you.
  • Two crows symbolize harmony and good news.
  • Three of them indicate a blessing of good health for the family.
  • Four crows symbolize good fortune, abundance, and prosperity.
  • Five crows indicate an illness or poor health will soon take over the household.
  • Six crows act as a warning that a robbery or theft will soon take place.
  • Seven crows symbolize you should either travel or move soon.
  • Eight of them mean grief or sorrows are coming.   

Historical And Cultural Context

Several crows exhibit fascinating variations across cultures. It brings great spiritual importance to people and has held various symbolic meanings in history, and various cultures worldwide.

1. Native American Culture 

In some Native American tribes, crows are considered sacred and are linked with wisdom and guidance. Several crows were often viewed as a kind of power animal and considered good luck in this culture. 

They were also viewed as ‘tricksters’ because of their naturally high intellect but this also meant that crows were a smart selection for Spirit guides, power animals, and totem animals.

2. European Folklore

In European folklore, black crows are often connected with malevolence and dark forces. They have been tied to witches and witchcraft, considered as familiars or companions of these mystical practitioners. In European culture, the single crow is seen as a sign of a bad omen while a group of crows is a sign of impending threat.

3. Greek Mythology

Ancient civilizations had many meanings for crows, but the Greeks had a different belief in what these birds represented. 

They believed that crows were the sign of Apollo- a prophetic God- and that everything from the color of the Crow to the number of them present and even in which direction it flew from, all carried important meanings in the form of messages from the Gods.

4. Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian mythology, the number of crows was considered a symbol of rebirth and resurrection in Egyptian funerary practices.

Egyptians considered the crow as a guardian and keeper against evil spirits and malicious forces. They were noticed as bringers of divine knowledge and insight, assisting in matters of justice, truth, and balance.

5. Celtic Folklore

In Celtic folklore, crows are also considered sacred and mysterious creatures. It is believed that the goddess Morrigan often takes the form of a crow associated with death and transformation, highlighting their revered position in Celtic culture. 

What Does It Mean To Have Crows Hanging Around?

The message that a crow is sending you can differ depending on how it shows up in your life. Here are the most common methods that crows can tell you what the message might mean to you.

1. Crows flying in front of you or traveling your path

The spiritual meaning of crows flying in front of you or crossing your path represents the need to do some deep shadow work. The Crow is trying to bring attention to unhealthy behaviors that are holding you back. It could also signify that big changes are about to happen in your life, but they will lead to long-term happiness and success

2. Crows flying over you 

The spiritual meaning of crows flying over you is to help you see a higher perspective on a situation. If you are dealing with difficult situations and are looking for a solution, you should meditate and ask your higher self for wisdom to help and guide you.

3. Crows coming after you

The meaning of crows following you is that you have very strong psychic blessings and possible gifts of mediumship. It might be useful to seek out an instinctive healer or a psychic to help you bring these gifts to the surface. It also means that you get spiritually activated when the crow is following you.

4. Crow hitting your head

Sometimes crows can divebomb you and slam your head. Crows slamming your head is a sign that you have done something to harm someone else. It indicates that someone is holding a grudge against you and clearing this grudge will help you remove some negative energy you are holding onto.

5. Crow landing on your car

The spiritual meaning of a crow landing on your car is a reminder to self-reflection on how much power you have over your life.  A Crow is allowing you to know that you need to take back control of the driver’s seat that someone has taken from you. You may need to cut harmful people out of your life and start a new chapter with more control over your day-to-day decisions.

6. Crow looking or gazing at you

A crow staring at you usually means that you have a unique transmission with animals or have a connection to spirits that have passed on. If you have had a loved one pass on, they may be checking out the spirit that is still wilting around you.

Is Seeing Several Crows A Good Or Bad Omen?

Is seeing several Crows a good or bad omen?

Seeing several crows in some cultures can be a sign of good luck coming your way. It can be an indication of quick reverses that lead to long-term success and future positive changes. 

These may be minor changes or they may be massive disruptions to our life. It may disturb our comfort zone but if we start embracing these changes and flow with these disturbances, we are usually better off in the long term. 

Seeing several crows is a symbol that someone close to you is going to be married soon. Crows in a dream represent wealth and prosperity and are an indication of good times ahead.

Seeing several crows is noticed as a sign of a good omen for future success and accomplishment.

What Does It Mean When You See Several Crows In A Dream?

Dreams are an incredible way to gain hidden knowledge and insight into your future but to maximise the advantage of your dreams, you need to pay attention even to the smallest elements.

Dreaming about crows is a sign that you are destined for deep and eternal spiritual evolution. If you see the number of crows in a dream, it represents the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm, this serves as a message that there is something in your waking life that needs to be dealt with.

Dreaming of crows could be a subconscious message instructing you to pay more attention to what your instinct is trying to tell you. It symbolizes new opportunities, potential rewards, and unexpected windfalls that could result from the direction that you are currently taking in life.


1. What does a crow symbolize spiritually?

A Crow is usually seen as a symbol of magic, mystery, modification, and spiritual direction helping people to adapt to life changes.

2. What does seeing a crow signify?

Seeing a crow signifies you pay attention to your instinct, embrace life changes, and adapt to new opportunities. 

3. Are crows good luck?

Yes! Seeing the number of crows is a sign of a good omen that indicates good luck is coming your way.


In conclusion, several crows symbolize their intelligence and transformative nature that holds a special place in various cultures and mythologies. From their problem-solving skills to their role as messengers from the spirit world, crows represent wisdom, instinct, and the power of modification.

By welcoming the lessons of the crow, we can steer life’s challenges with stability and creativity, enabling strong connections and personal growth.  So next time you encounter a crow, take a moment to recall its spiritual significance by embracing the spiritual journey that lies ahead.

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