What Does the Lizard Symbolize in Different Cultures?

Are you curious to know the spiritual meaning behind seeing a lizard and what it symbolizes in different cultures? Lizard symbolism plays an essential role across various cultures. Their symbolism is tricky, suggesting different things to people in different circumstances. Throughout history, many cultures have connected lizards with the dream world. They symbolize our dreams, visions, and wishes.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about lizards and their spiritual meaning, the symbolism they hold in various cultures, the meaning of a lizard in dreams, the lizard as a spirit animal and totem, as well as the meaning of lizards based on their different colors. Let’s get started!

Lizard Symbolism in Various Cultures

Lizards are found everywhere, so it’s no wonder these curious creatures appear to symbolize various things according to various traditions and cultures. Let’s delve deeper into the symbolism associated with these creatures in different cultures:

1. Native American Cultures

In Native American culture, lizards symbolize survival and healing. For children’s safety and security, they are given amulets in the shape of a lizard. In the Navajo tribe, the lizard is believed to be a guardian who brings prosperity to the land.

In some Native American cultures, lizards are also seen as a symbol of transformation. The Hopi tribe considered the lizards to carry balance and harmony to the earth because they are the messengers of the Spirit World.

Legends say that the people in Pima also believed that lizards hold special healing powers and began using lizard medicines to heal chronic diseases. In the healing ritual, a lizard was put on the body of the afflicted, and in honor of the lizard, music and songs were sung.

2. China

In Chinese culture, lizards are seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. People in China believe that whoever keeps lizards as their pets, good luck will shortly enter their lives. Lizards are usually portrayed in jewelry and art as symbols of wealth and riches.

Lizards are primarily known for their adaptability and agility, which are also used as a symbol in Chinese culture. The lizard casts off its skin and is reborn, symbolizing transformation and renewal.

3. Japan

In Japan, lizards are seen as a symbol of love. In age-old times, people would make love tonics from lizards, and the drink was served in pots with the markings of lizards on the side. This has grown in time, with the lizard now considered a symbol of sexual activity in Japan.

Apart from love and sex, it is believed that lizards would bring rain to the barren land; hence, they were seen as holy creatures. Children in Japan used to collect lizards in jars, beat the jars like drums, and attempt to bring rain to the land.

4. Africa 

People in Africa believe that lizards have the power to avert evil spirits and they carry good luck. They are a symbol of agility and adaptability in African culture.

Lizards are usually seen in African homes as a sign of good luck and fortune, but if a fire skink lizard is spotted at someone’s place, they quit all plans for the day as these lizards attract bad luck and hardships in their way.

Lizard as a Spirit Animal and Totem

Lizard as a Spirit Animal and Totem

Lizard, as your spirit animal, signifies that you can easily take out several abilities and strengths that are hidden inside you. The lizard can deliver patience, bravery, stability, and agility. The lizard spirit animal motivates our spirits to be brave in all the phases of our lives. This curious creature enables us to take risks and accomplish things we desire.

As a spirit animal, Lizard indicates that you will experience a revival and renewal of energy with a positive, clear mindset. Lizards’ appearance in life promises an exciting opportunity coming your way. Whenever a lizard crawls into our life as a spirit guide, it’s a perfect time to tune into extrasensory abilities and urges to trust our intuitions.

People with the lizard totem can regenerate anything they feel that they have lost. People with lizards as birth totems experience different emotional cycles in their lives. The lizard totem is skilled in gathering artistic abilities and can protect the spirit by throwing off negative energy. Patience is your power if the lizard is your totem. Camouflage and distraction are the features that connect this totem to illusions and dreams.

Lizard in Dreams and Their Meanings

Lizards in dreams are a sign of fear and anxiety. They represent our fears about facing various transformations in life. Lizards in dreams also remind us that we have hidden gifts and must utilize them correctly for our well-being. Dreaming of a lizard signifies that the dreamer will destroy an enemy.

In dream analysis, seeing a lizard in a dream holds various interpretations. Dreaming of fighting and beating a lizard signifies that you have battled to dominate your base nature. If you dream of killing a lizard, it is a warning sign that the dreamer will be blamed for the decisions they have made.

If the lizard is crawling on you or chasing you, it represents your need to handle your emotions and be conscious of your thoughts. When lizards appear in your dreams, it indicates that you will be going through some uncertainties in your life. It’s a sign for you to prepare yourself and welcome the new beginnings and transitions you will be moving towards shortly.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Lizard

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Lizard

Seeing a lizard is considered to have spiritual significance. They adapt to their environment and overcome impediments easily; seeing a lizard is a sign from the universe urging you to be adaptable and resilient.

Lizards are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Seeing them signifies that good things are coming your way. Encountering a lizard is a message from the spirit world for paying close attention to your intuition and inner guidance.

Lizards are slow and conscious in their movements, deciphered as a symbol of patience and waiting for the perfect moment to act. Seeing a lizard is a reminder to experience patience in different factors of life.

As lizards mature, they shed their skin, representing transformation, revival, and the shedding of old habits or facets of one’s life that no longer work out for them. Seeing a lizard is connected with personal growth and transformation.

Lizards hold a unique quality of being vibrant. Seeing a lizard characterizes self-identity and being real to our personality. They are colorful and help us to be more authentic in our lives and to live with complete happiness and enthusiasm.

Spiritual Meaning of Lizards Based on Their Colour

Lizards appear in astonishing colors, each shade potentially whispering a certain spiritual message. Let’s explore some possibilities:

1. Red Lizards

Red lizards are connected with passion, love, action, desire, and energy. These lizards motivate us to take decisive steps, embrace our inner blaze, and support us in following our desires with fearlessness. If red lizards appear in dreams, they remind us to consider our innermost desires.

2. Blue Lizards

Blue lizards are a symbol of stability, tranquillity, and intuition. These lizards encourage us to strive for inner wisdom and meditation and to discover stability amidst life’s chaos. If blue lizards appear in dreams, they help us be more vocal and explicit about our emotions.

3. Green Lizards

Green lizards are connected with development, revival, and nature. They signify fresh starts, adaptability, and a relationship with the biological world. Dreaming of green lizards signifies that you have an intense desire for growth and success.

4. Brown Lizards

Brown lizards characterize practicality, groundedness, and solidity. They enable us to focus on our essential needs and to appreciate simple things in life. If a brown lizard appears in your dream, it reminds you to pay attention to the things that matter the most, like family.


What is the Spiritual Meaning of Lizards?

The spiritual meaning of lizards is associated with transformation and change, as well as adaptability and resilience. They are spiritual messengers bringing news of change or fresh beginnings.

Is it good to see lizards at home?

Yes, lizards at home steer in happiness and prosperity, resulting in progress for family members, and if a lizard sticks to the wall, it’s a sign of upcoming good news.

Are lizards a good omen?

Yes! Lizards are a sign of good luck and prosperity. They are noticed as a symbol of growth and positive change, supporting you on your spiritual journey.

My Thoughts

My thoughts on this aren’t any different. Lizards hold great symbolism and spiritual significance across various cultures. These creatures are patient and determined and can blend in with their surroundings. From a symbol of transformation to a reminder of appreciating little things in life, lizards provide valuable lessons to apply in everyday life.

Next time you come across a lizard, take a moment and reflect on its rich symbolism and the significance it holds in your spiritual life. Need more guidance? Stay tuned with us!

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